Hi there, I am Bára and I like to giggle. 
That's why I take photos of naked people and draw on them. I censor them with my shitty illustrations, so it's safe for puritans, Instagram, parents or for people, who act like friends, but are just envious bitches. 
My life is as colorful as my pictures, so let me tell you about more things I do in my life!
Laughing at some dog makes my day always better. That’s why I work as a dog whisperer mostly, so I can enjoy dogs selfishly on a daily basis and be useful to somebody at the same time. 
As you might have noticed, I also like to smile for the camera, so I make a living also as a commercial actress. If you smile when you watch TV, there was probably me on the screen.
Feel free to contact me if you need help with your dog, want hot photos of yourself, want photos of your hot dog, want me to act in your video or you have any offer that makes me laugh or rich. 
If you just like what I do and don't want anything from me, click on the red button down there and support me, so I have money for Rum (that's my dog's name, of course) and chocolate and I can do more stupid stuff for fun and a better world. 
Thx for visiting, have fun and stay hot!
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